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David Starobinski [Computer Network Lab-IIT-ISRAEL]
Ph.D. Student in Computer Networks Lab Room 805 - Mayer Building Department of Electrical Engineering Technion - IIT Haifa 32000, Israel.
Interests are in Simulation,Wireless Communications and ATM
Antoine Clerget [Rodeo-INRIA-FRANCE]
PhD in September 1997 under the supervision of Walid Dabbous. Focusing on routing (unicast and multicast) and congestion control protocols over networks with satellite links. I am concerned with both GEO and LEO satellite networks, with assymetrical links (or even unidirectionnal links) and/or dynamic architectures.
Matthias Jung [EURECOM-FRANCE]
PhD student in the High Speed Communications Research Group (Btroup) of Prof. Dr. Ernst Biersack in cooperation with Siemens in Munich. I'm concerned about the following questions:
Is the ISO/OSI layer model the ultimate solution for structuring protocols? Are the principles of modern software engineering applicable to network protocol implementation? Is Java appropriate to implement network protocols? Can protocol implementation be visualized? How can service innovation in networks be made easier?
Jose Inceras [Telecom Bretagne-FRANCE]
PhD at Campus de Rennes under the supervision of Dr. Gerardo Rubino.
Research interests: Performance evaluation and simulation, High-speed networks and Digital communications .
The general subject of my research project is focused in the Performance Evaluation of High Speed Computer Networks using simulation
techniques, most notably Fluid simulation .
Philippe DALLEMAGNE [Univ Nancy-FRANCE]
Ingénieur d'études et recherche
Sara Oueslati-Boulahia [CNET-FRANCE]
Je suis inscrite en these de doctorat au departement Informatique et Reseaux de l'ENST depuis decembre 97 sous la direction de Samir Tohme et Daniel Kofman. Mes travaux de these se deroulent au CNET d'Issy-Les-Moulineaux. au sein de l'equipe de Jim Roberts (Modelisation du traffic et evaluation des performances des reseaux). Dans cette equipe, je travaille en collaboration etroite avec Eliane Oubagha et Alain Simonian. Nous travaillons sur la problematique routage dans les reseaux multiservice.
Amarpal Khanna [HP-USA]
I work at hp.
On the midth of September 1998, I started my PhD study in the MISTRAL project at INRIA Sophia Antipolis in France under the direction of my supervisors Eitan Altman and Walid Dabbous. The subject of my research is the analysis and the improvement of the Internet protocols TCP/IP over Satellite links. I will present ameliorations to the existing protocols and validate them by analitical models and simulations.
Afonso Ferreira [Sloop-INRIA-FRANCE]
Mon domaine de recherches est l'algorithmique et la modélisation discrètes, où j'ai obtenu des résultats dans des sous-domaines variés. Je décris dans la suite ceux liés aux télécommunications, domaine auquel je consacre la majorité de mon activité de recherche depuis deux ou trois ans, et au calcul parallèle, sur lequel j'ai aussi beaucoup travaillé.
Lloyd Wood [Surrey-England]
Desperately trying not to burn out doing a PhD in multicasting and latency in satellite network constellations.
Depuis octobre 1997 Thèse a l'ENST- site de Toulouse en partenariat avec Alcatel Space Industries.
Démodulateur embarqué multiporteuses pour services multimédia par satellites
Directeur de thèse à l'ENST : Marie-Laure Boucheret
Encadrant de thèse à Alcatel : Isabelle Buret
Wolfgang Krewel[Supaero-TOULOUSE-FRANCE]
Gerard Maral [ENST-Toulouse-FRANCE]
Boris Bartolome [Supaero-Toulouse-FRANCE]
Kevin Kyeong-il CHOI [ENST-Toulouse-FRANCE]
I'm a PhD candidate at ENST (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Télécommunications), and a research engineer at CNES (French Space Agency) in France.
Web perso de Daniel GUILLEMOT
Jérôme Galtier [INRIA-Sophia-FRANCE]
Tolga ORS [Surrey-ENGALND]
I've finally completed my PhD on Traffic and Congestion Control methods for ATM over Satellite to provide QoS
Raj Jain [Ohio-USA]
Professor of Computer and Information Science
Sally Floyd [Berkley-USA]
I am a staff scientist in the Network Research Group of the Computing Sciences organization at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California.
Haitham S Cruickshank [Surrey-ENGLAND]
Senior research fellow working in the Networks Research Group at Centre for Communications Systems Research in the University of Surrey.

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