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Associate Professor INPT/ENSEEIHT

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Ingénierie Réseaux et Télécommunications

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IRIT site de l'ENSEEIHT / Bât F, Room : 411

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2, rue Charles Camichel, BP. 7122, F-31071 Toulouse Cedex 7, France

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+33 5 34 32 22 19

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+33 5 34 32 21 57

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Professional Profile

Dr. Riadh DHAOU is an Associate Professor at the Toulouse INP (Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse). He is attached to the Computer Science and Telecommunication department of the ENSEEIHT and is a member, since 2003, of the RMESS (previously IRT) team of the IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse) Laboratory (CNRS-UMR 5505).

Research Interests

His research interests include statistical characterization and modelling of mobility, mobile and space communications, modelling and optimization of cross-layer schemes, performance analysis of wireless networks, autonomous multi-hop/cooperative communications systems, capacity and outage analysis of multi-user heterogeneous wireless systems, resource allocation, design and performance evaluation of wireless sensor networks and energy consumption optimization.

Current Research Activities

We focus on three resarch activities :

Optimisation of mobile hybrid satellite-terrestrial networks on different levels: user mobility and the resource management (from access to transport layer), load balancing and rerouting using CDN (from application to network layer), and user mobility and content caching in SDN architectures.

Content dissemination in mobile Disruption Tolerant Networks (WSN, VANET, UAV/M2M networks)

Modelling MAC layer for M2M networks using Low Earth Orbit satellites


 Short bio

Dr. Dhaou was born in Tunis, Tunisia, in 1973.

He received the Engineering degree in Computer Science from the ENSI (University of Tunis II) in 1997, and the Master Degree in Computer Systems from the University Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris (Paris VI), in 1998. He was awarded, respectively, a Ph.D. degree in Computer Systems, Telecommunication and Electronic by the University of Paris VI (in November 2002) and the HDR (Habilitation) by the Toulouse INP (in November 2017). Since 2003, he is principal investigator with the cooperative laboratory TeSA, a non-profit association, leading research studies and PhDs in Telecommunications for Space and Aeronautics. Since November 2017, he is the leader of the satellite theme within the IRT team. He has supervised 14 Ph. D. Theses (9 were defended) and 5 master-degree theses. He has published more than 81 papers (including 7 journals and 5 book chapters) and his research activity has been funded by more than 35 research grants in satellite and sensor networks (CNES, Thales-Alenia Space, Airbus D&S). He has been technical leader for 7 research grants in satellite networks and participated in several industrial and academic grants. He participated to several European and National projects: - ESA SATNEX IV project - CAPES-COFECUB Project MMAPS (Management, Mobility, Security, Architecture and Protocols for the Future Internet of Things) - ANR Project CAPTEURS - RNRT Project DILAN - ESPRIT Project BISANTE (Broadband Integrated Satellite Network Traffic Evaluation) - RNRT Project CONSTELLATIONS He also participated to the Network of Excellence NoE Euro-NGI, particularly on the evolution of the IP networks. He was involved in the Technical Program Committee of 7 International Conferences. He was General Chair of PSATS'2013 and was member of one Organization Committee of two other International Conferences. He is, since 2013, part of the Editorial Board of WINET (The springer Wireless Networks journal).



Editorial Board ACM/Springer Wireless Networks journal (WINET) since 2013

Chairing and organising Conferences/Workshops events : RESCOM'2007 Workshop , ICLAN'2008 , ICST PSATS'2013

Chairing publication events : IEEE NoF'2015

On-going Technical Program Committees: IEEE CCNC/RA-WERHA'2015, IEEE ICC'2015 , IEEE ICC'2016 , IEEE VTC-Spring'2015 , IEEE VTC-Spring'2016 , ICMU'2015 , ICMU'2016 , AlgoTel'2016


Supervision Activities

Ph.D Supervision

*       [since 01/10/2015] Dorin Rautu, Dissemination de donnees dans un contexte M2M (direction : Pr Emmanuel Chaput )

*       [since 01/10/2015] Hugo Chelle, Couche MAC d'un systeme LEO (direction : Pr André-Luc Beylot )

*       [since 01/10/2014] Mouna Elloumi, UAV network for mobile targets monitoring (direction : Dr Benois Escrig )

*       [since 01/10/2014] Kuljaree Tantayakul, Mobility and caching in SDN architectures (direction : Pr Beatrice Paillassa )

*       [since 01/10/2014] Elie Bouttier, Systemes de distribution de contenu hybride terrestre/satellite (direction : Pr André-Luc Beylot )

*       [01/10/2014-06/11/2017] Xiaoyan Ma, Drones Aided Data Collection in Mobile Sensor Networks (direction : Dr Riadh Dhaou , co-advisor : Dr Rahim Kacimi )

*       [01/10/2012-09/10/2015] Farouk Mezghani, dissemination de contenus dans les reseaux vehiculaires (direction : Pr André-Luc Beylot )

*       [01/09/2010-20/06/2014] Patrice Raveneau, Satellites d'observation et reseaux de capteurs autonomes au service de l'environnement (direction : Pr André-Luc Beylot , co-advisor : Dr Emmanuel Chaput )

*       [01/09/2010-12/11/2013] Hicham Slimani, Protocoles cooperatifs pour les reseaux sans-fil (direction : Pr André-Luc Beylot , co-encadrement : Dr Benoit Escrig )

*       [01/01/2010-25/06/2013] Michael Crosnier, Optimisation de reseaux de mobiles hybrides terrestres-satellites (direction : Pr André-Luc Beylot )

*       [01/03/2006-28/09/2009] Rahim Kacimi, Techniques de conservation d'énergie pour les réseaux de capteurs sans-fil (direction: Pr. André-Luc Beylot)

*       [01/10/2005-28/09/2009] Cholatip Yawut, Adaptation à la mobilité dans les réseaux ad-hoc (direction: Pr. Béatrice Paillassa)

*       [01/10/2005-23/10/2008] Mohamad Salhani, Performances des réseaux mobiles de 4ième génération (direction: Pr. André-Luc Beylot)

*       [01/10/2003-13/07/2006] Mahamadou-Issoufou Tiado, Modèles et Mécanismes multi-niveaux pour les réseaux sans-fil (direction : Pr. André-Luc Beylot)

Master Degree Supervision

*       [15/02/2014-15/09/2014] Mouna Elloumi, Adaptation dynamique du canal a ontention pour un acces par satellite

*       [01/03/2007-27/06/2007] Samedi Heng, Evaluation de la solution placide pour un réseau de capteurs sans fil (direction : Pr. André-Luc Beylot)

*       [01/03/2005-15/09/2005] Cholatip Yawut, Etude d'architecture de mobilité pour le raccordement OLSR Internet (direction : Pr. Béatrice Paillassa)


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